Vital India a Furniture company located at the Ahmedabad city, which is located at the heart of the state Gujarat,India. We as Vital India, import and export of the Indoor and Outdoor Furniture, Lighting and Crafts, mainly source from the Southeast Asia. We are dealing and supplying more than 4,000 products, hence the clients always have choice to select out of them. The indoor and outdoor furniture will be made from Natural Rattan, Synthetic Rattan, Wood and Cast Alloy. Dealing in wood products like Mahogany, Mindy and Teak wood. In Cast Alloy dealing with Aluminum and Steel with combination of Teak Wood basically use for the outdoor furniture. We are focusing on constant supplies of good quality products with finishing level upto mark with competitive rates and right time delivery. We are also supplies the furniture according to client’s requirement with their require design, Over an above the design shown in our catalogues.

Our products are for people who take care about the things that improve life’s pleasure:

self-care, attention to interior details, making efforts to be in fashion and showing interest in the trend of the actual world. Our products are for people who take care about their home, who live in it, who follow their tastes, desires, habits and reflect their identity. Our furniture is made exclusively from natural and ecologically clean materials. The furniture is covered with natural material; high attention is paid towards quality, human health and comfort. The products supplied by us are for conformity to safety and durability.